Remembering… the Alamo and FAMILY!

We had a harrowing 3-day drive to our destination near San Antonio, Texas.

Winter finally caught up to us.

In Texas.

After we crossed into Texas and went through El Paso on the 2nd of 3 days of driving, we realized quickly we were going to hit some snow. At first it felt like it wouldn’t be a big deal, but as the near white out conditions and wet roads (which we knew would lead to black ice) and then witnessing many over-turned semis and cars in ditches, we decided though we were an hour from our destination for that day, we had to stop.

I am sure glad we did.

We ended up in a very small town called Balmorhea and the only hotel (where we were going to try and grab a room) was booked solid with a sign on the door and people were everywhere and we were hearing of the churches and police stations opening up for people to stay. I looked ahead and saw a teeny RV park right there! This is one of those finds that you don’t see on the internet and can’t plan for.

Brandon ran over to the park and was able to find someone to help us and show to one final spot they had. Phew – at least we could park our little home on wheels and have a warm place to lay our heads for the night and hope for the best.

Not how I ever want to RV

Not how I ever want to RV

You see, we were anxious to get to San Antonio where my parents were meeting us and had already arrived! So, amidst freezing cold temperatures, snow and ice we holed up until morning hoping to get out the next day.

The next morning, now with blue skies, melting snow, and the all-clear from police and EMS crew we headed out. It was scary to see all the over-turned cars and trucks as we made our way out of town. We had definitely made the right decision. After only driving ONE hour, there was no more snow and it looked like everything we had gone through the day before was a dream. We arrived at our RV park5 hours away with 60 degree sunny weather.

It was SO wonderful to be greeted by my mom and dad and escorted in to our site. The hospitality of the RV park was amazing and there was a clubhouse area that we could use to hang out and play games or watch movies together. We had a wonderful time catching up with my parents with all the in-person stories of the last 5 months.

We declared this week “field trip week” for the boys school, so each morning they would do the minimum requirements (by mom) and then we would set out. Our first destination was The Alamo!


I am sad to say that I really do not “Remember the Alamo”. History was a subject I really cared less about in school because it was always SO boring. But I tell you, to experience it in person, to watch a movie on what happened, see and touch the memorabilia made it come alive. I am so thankful that my boys are learning American history this way. After the Alamo we also enjoyed walking around the river walk downtown San Antonio which was beautiful and had appetizers and beers and the kids enjoyed ice cream. That is always a good time!


Here is what Austin had to say about the Alamo:

 In 1836 on March 6 the battle of the Alamo had started. The people of Texas wanted freedom over Spain. so they had a great battle. They knew they were greatly outnumbered so a Colonel wrote a letter saying we need help. Only 32 people came even Davy Crockett. They held that position for 13 days everyone of those of Texas died including Davy Crockett. The Alamo symbolizes liberty and freedom.

And you can read Alec’s blog to get his take as well!

Another stop this week was the San Antonio Missions National Park, and let me tell you I had never even HEARD of this! The buildings were breathtaking and the story told in the movie we watched beforehand was emotional and humbling. The people of south Texas were saved by the Missions but in being saved they gave up their culture and their way of life to convert to Spain and its religion.


I learned so much about Texas history and the Alamo specifically. I will forever remember the Alamo and the sacrifice made there and the symbolism of men giving their life for liberty and freedom. I also learned the sad consequences that can happen when one religion in the name of spreading its message obliterates a people’s culture and beliefs. I better understand the fierce Texas loyalty that resides in the people here and the complicated history of the people’s culture.

Mission Espada

Mission Espada


Mission San Juan

Between the heaviness of the Alamo and the Missions there was… Austin!

I vote Austin one of the coolest cities we’ve seen so far. And we hardly made a dent!



We went to a food truck area and ate some amazing food, tried on cool eyeglasses at an eyeglass truck and walked around the main streets of Austin to experience the cool shopping district.

And then of course there was the infamous BBQ of the world trip which I will mostly leave to my husband to talk about on his blog which I am sure will be entertaining. I will say that though there was really nothing for me to eat (I ate before we left) it was a ton of fun watching my husband get giddy with excitement, and my dad try to eat BBQ with his hands (he eats EVERYthing with a fork). We went to THREE yes… three BBQ joints and even got a tour of one (that we were told never happens). So if you are in Texas and you eat meat, you better head to Lockhart for what I am told is the best BBQ in the land!


Vegetarians enter here, Normal folks down the hall

We had the best week with my parents and really enjoyed our time in San Antonio. We didn’t take NEAR enough pictures because I guess we were having too much fun, but it was so good to see them and hang out. After they left on their way, the weather turned again and we were stuck in our RV with cold and rainy days to follow. We ended our time in San Antonio rather on a sour note unfortunately and we are sad to admit how much the weather affects us on this trip. We were SO happy when we left for Houston so that I could fly out to my girls weekend getaway in Kansas City and we enjoyed 60-70 degree weather for the extended weekend. Yay!

I guess you can’t completely avoid winter no matter where you are.

Florida is knocking on our door though! And New Orleans is UP!




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