Are the kids REALLY on board?


The original plan for our “launch” date was for me to get a nursing job for a year and then sign up with an agency to do travel nursing. As I got further along in school however, and we began talking to the kids about this dream and really including them in it, we knew we had one glitch in our idea.

A 12 year old.

My oldest is very sensitive and social and it dawned on me that our window of opportunity would be THIS year, not waiting a year (and potentially moving for me to find a job) and uprooting them again when we leave. It would just be too much.

So we broke it to the kids that it would be THIS year. My youngest was ecstatic. His 8-year old self cannot wait for this adventure. I’m not sure if that’s because he is so excited to not be attending school anymore or if he really is excited about the experiences he will have on this trip. My oldest however has not been as receptive. He has pleaded with us not to go, he has asked if he can live with Grandma and Grandpa, and all other sorts of pleas.

But as time has gone on, he has softened. I think mostly because as he tells people about the trip, the response is overwhelming. “That’s the coolest!” “Do you know how cool your parents are?” “Man, NO kids get to do what you are doing!”

Also, just the other day when I was in his RV room telling him about my plans, I found him in his room organizing and making a “give away” box for the toys he doesn’t want anymore.


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