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The Plan


Our launch date is August 1st!

Phew… there is so. much. to. do.

I have been working all week painting our RV and moving it from a drab RV “look” to a cute, homey feel with a side of bohemian! I can’t wait to show you the inside!  I just want it to be done before the big reveal.

The picture above is a map hanging in the hallway of our house and we started out with each of us having a different colored tack to place on interesting places we desire to go. With that we are planning out our route to a “tee” roughly planning our trip. Our desire is to see as many National Parks as we can and do a ton of hiking and backpacking.

We plan to spend the first week of August saying goodbye to my husband’s family at our cabin on Lake Superior and then moving to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. I am currently researching campgrounds because we will still be in season since it will still be August when we leave and I don’t want to be without a place to go. One of our biggest challenges is trying to decide how much to actually plan and how much to let the wind blow us!

After the boundary waters, we will be traveling west from the Mall of America (at my boys request – I promise!) to the Badlands of South Dakota, Yellowstone, Glacier and then Seattle!  After that we will travel down the West Coast seeing as much of California and the National Parks there that we can. Our only firm plans are to be in Malibu on Thanksgiving to have a feast with some great friends!

My biggest request is that we SKIP winter.  This winter really did me in and I’ve had about enough of the Midwest.

And yes, I say this fully realizing that when you make a statement like that, you’re probably doomed. Florida anyone?

Our plan will evolve and change I’m sure and I know that I cannot foresee everything that will happen and this journey is already revealing in me what kind of planner (or lack of) both my husband and myself are.

I hope you will follow along with us…


Let The Countdown To Cast Off Begin


Well, I did it. I finished (and passed) nursing school. Only other nursing students really understand what this means and what a big deal it is. For the last two years I have been in a nursing school “fog” and it feels amazing to emerge from it with my sanity intact (well mostly).

We bought our RV fifth wheel back in October and it has been sitting in our yard teasing me ever since. We couldn’t pass it up – its absolutely perfect for what we need. It was mostly important to us that our boys have a large area to make their own and that is what we found. I hope to have a full description complete with before and after photos soon!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I will be doing when now that school is out and people are either completely perplexed or super excited when I tell them.

I will be starting my health coaching business while homeschooling my boys and traveling.  I hopefully will have taken and passed my NCLEX boards and as we make decisions about where we will “land” after this year I will begin looking for jobs. My dream is to coach people to make lifestyle changes that will help them manage their diseases. I also eventually would like to work in some aspect of Public Health.  I am excited to see where my nursing career will take me!

We have a lot of purging, planning and packing to do and I hope you will continue following our family as I chronicle our adventures here!  You can also read my husband’s take at