Our Story

I’ll never forget the first time I told my friends this dream I have.

“We want to move into an RV and travel around the United States.”

“…and home school the boys?”

“…where will you stay?”

“…for how long?”

“…how does that work exactly?”

Blank stares.

Comments about how they could never do such a thing.  Their kids would kill each other.  They would kill their kids!  Ha!

Its time I tell my story and document the adventure that is to come.

For as long as I can remember I have had a “gypsy soul”. I remember in high school I couldn’t wait to graduate and get out of the town I lived in.  I was going to live big, move to New York and live a life of adventure.

Sometimes life has a way of sending you in different directions than you originally plan. Things happen. Life happens. All I know is that years go by and my husband and I found ourselves questioning everything we value and want for our lives and our children’s lives.

We craved a change.

After moving to a mountain town in Colorado in 2006 with way too many possessions and not enough space to fit them, owning our home while renting it out, owning another investment property and then eventually buying a condo in our mountain town, we were stressed. Living paycheck to paycheck just to sustain the homes and “stuff” we owned, denied us the chance to fully live in the paradise we dreamed of. It made us homesick for the familiar, for the old ways because at least we knew it, we could be there to deal with the stress and our kids would have space to live and breathe while we tried to un-bury from our debt-filled existence.

Fast forward to today.  We sold our 2100 square foot home, all investment properties, downsized to 1100 square feet and now a 900 square foot rental in the middle of a field where the buffalo really do roam (another story for another time). We have sold and donated most of our possessions and have worked hard to only have what we need and use.

Its been a journey.

A journey to see our dream come true. The dream to move into a fifth wheel RV and travel the country. To spend time with each other. To slow down. To show our children the world and to do it while they are still with us, while we have the energy and desire to see and do. We don’t want to wait.

And the beauty is we don’t have to.

My husband is fortunate enough to have a job where he can work anywhere. He is a marketing consultant and has clients all over the United States and as long as he has good wifi and his computer, he is good to go.

As far as myself, I have spent the last two years working my butt off in nursing school and will graduate May 15th am graduating this week have graduated! I have decided that rather than get a job and get tied down right away, this is the perfect timing to hit the road.

So come along with me on this crazy adventure!